• 京都の桜で和装ロケーション前撮り
    4/3 京都自然公園
  • フォトウェディング
    2/17 祇園
  • 結婚写真
    4/13 京都自然公園
  • 春のウェディングフォト
    4/6 祇園
  • 結婚写真
    3/11 祇園
  • 京都で和装スタジオ前撮り
  • 京都で梅前撮り
    2/22 京都自然公園


2018.10.19 Site updated.

Studiozero on-location pre wedding shooting in kimono
6good points


all photo data

All photo data is included

In our plan, all photo data is included.


favorite kimonos

Choose your favorite kimonos

You can choose your favorite kimonos and you don't need to fit in advance.


Just bring yourself

Just bring yourself

You need nothing for dressing kimono because we prepare for all you need.


Stylist with you

Stylist with you

During the photo shoot, our stylist will go shooting together



No worry about transporting

We prepare for your transporting between our studio to your location.


All included

No application and entrance fee

All included in your plan

Kimono pre wedding photo shoot in Kyoto

Bride and groom

No worry about an additional fee

All photo data

All photo data (at least 200 photos)

You can get all photo data, so you don't have to choose photos and worry about an additional fee.



You can choose kimonos you would like to wear for free. Please choose your kimonos from our website and you don't need to come to fit in advance.

hair makeup

Dressing kimonos and hair makeup

Our kimono dresser would dress kimonos and they are dressing over 500 clients in a year. And they will go shooting together.



After dressing, we would go to the photo shoot together with your photographer and stylist. Let's talk and feel at ease.

Other than that above, there are kimono for groom, items for kimono, socks and underwears for kimono, Japanese white hat (Wataboushi), hair make-up for groom and on-location shooting.On weekends, there is no additional fee. It's a clear price system.




Feel free to browse our #studiozero instagram hashtag to see some examples of photoshoots from our customers.



      We recommend our plan to
      these kinds of couple below.

      bride wearing kimono
      • We would like to shoot in kimonos though we would wear western dress in our wedding ceremony.
      • We would like to show ourselves in kimonos to our family.
      • We would like to preserve photos with kimonos though we wouldn't hold a wedding ceremony.
      • We would like to shoot with my family.
      • We would like to shoot while a vacation in Kyoto.

      Recently, wedding couples that think they would like to preserve photos with kimonos are increasing because they would wear a wedding dress.
      We highly recommend you to shoot with kimonos (Shiromuku -white kimono- and Irouchikake -colourful kimono- ) because those kimonos are very traditional and official costume for wedding couple and shooting with kimono become your a lifetime memory.
      You can shoot in beautiful spots that make your kimonos beautiful like in Gion and Yasaka pagoda.
      We had lots of clients from all over Japan and world.
      Let's make your memorable photos and moments with us.